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Département de linguistique et de didactique des langues
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News - March 5, 2009

The upcoming issue

The editorial staff of our journal changed hands a month ago, and it is likely that the publication of the second issue series of the third volume is going to be delayed until May. Thanks to all for your patience!

The first QSJL International Colloquium

Our website is delighted to be the future host of the acts of the 13th Students Colloquium in Language Sciences at UQAM, starting this May.

ISSN Number

Our journal has been asigned a ISSN number, which means that it is now registered and identified as a unique publication. The number is visible on each page that refers you to any previous or current published issue. Groovy!
ISSN 1918-9141

About the Journal

The QSJL is an initiative of doctoral students in linguistics attending universities in Quebec (more specifically the University of Quebec at Montreal, the University of Montreal, the University of Laval, Sherbrooke University and finally, McGill University), but it concerns all students of all universities, no matter what their level of education.

Taking into account the importance of publications in the university research setting (especially at the post-graduate levels), but also the difficulty students have in being published in scientific journals, it became apparent to us that a journal dedicated exclusively to the publication of student work could permit simpler and broader distribution of quality articles. We are, from this moment on, accepting contributions.

We would particularly like to thank the following people: Louisette Emirkanian (professor and Director of Graduate Studies of the Department of Linguistics and Didactics of Languages at UQAM) for her continuing support during the creation of this journal; Robert Papen (associated professor of the Department of Linguistics and Didactics of Languages at UQAM) for his precious advice on publishing and organizing a scientific journal; the HumaniTIC centre of UQAM for the creation of the web site; finally, the BEP (Bureau de l’enseignement et des programmes of UQAM) for their financial support. We would like to express thanks to Simon Boisjoli for the logo. One final thanks to the many people in charge of various linguistic departments that allowed us to get in touch with their students. Thank you all!

The Editorial Board.